“Christmas Shopping” Dialogue, based on prompt: “I Know You will let me Share”

Placing my box proudly on the floor, I anticipated my Husband’s inspection.

“That’s a lot of alcohol.”

“Yes, it is.  It’s not for you.”

“Well who is it for?  Why do you have to buy something for everyone?”

“I didn’t buy something for everyone.  That would require several more boxes.”

He starts unpacking my box, bottle by bottle, quizzing me.  “This?  Why would you buy 2 bottles of Beaujolais?”

“One is for Halina, one is for William.”

“Huh.  Well who is this for?  No one drinks this stuff anymore!”

“Asti?  Lucy likes it.”

“And this?”

I was getting annoyed.  “The Shiraz?  Really?  We like it, your parents like it…” I trailed off, shaking my head.

“Ok, who do we know that drinks this Kim Crawford stuff?  Red and White? Are you kidding me?”

“Janice and Bruce.”

“Naked Grape?  Three bottles?”

“I like it.  It’s to bring when we go visiting.”

“I hope it was cheap.”

(Audible sigh…)

“What about this Malbec?”

“That’s for Tony.”

“You better take this one back!”

“Which one?”

“This Frances Ford Coppola Pitagora Red Blend crap!”

“Crap, huh? Why should I return it?”

“Who’d you get it for?”

“That one is for you.”

“It is?”  He looked so confused.  “Why”?

“Because,” I say with a matter-of-fact smile, “I know you will let me share.”

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