My humorous poem won “Best in Dairy” at the James McIntyre Poetry Competition in May 2017!

An Acrostic Ode to The Beautiful Dairy Cow


Black and white beauties, almost

Everywhere you look!

And lovely green pastures,

Under gorgeous blue skies; just like in a book!

Tails flicking flies, and tongues licking nostrils,

In beautiful, Ingersoll Ontario!

Faint aroma present, occasionally malodorous…

Usually nothing we can’t handle, in any scenario!

Ladies they are, enjoying unpredictable Spring weather, as


Calves bounce around,

Outdoors in the grass, followed by birds.

Welcoming us with curious faces, then,

Smiling at us, before they scamper back to their herd!


May 25, 2017

Best in Dairy Category in the James McIntyre poetry Contest.