Jake did not want to get arrested! He turned to run.

“Oh no you don’t! I have been looking for you for quite a while! Ben Summers has amnesia thanks to you!”

Jake had gotten away before, because he pushed officer Todd then ran away when he tried to arrest him months ago. Todd wouldn’t let him get away with that again!

“Do you have any weapons on you?”

“What? No, of course not, I –”

Officer Todd didn’t wait for an answer. He knocked Jake face down, and held his right knee in his back as he reached into his back pocket for his FlexiCuffs. “No metal cuffs for you, I learned my lesson!”

Jake chuckled as he recalled how sparks had flown out of the handcuffs the first time Officer Todd had tried to arrest him.  Officer Todd had dropped them, and that’s what helped him escape. He’s been on the run – wondering how long he could evade capture, ever since.

“You are in big trouble, buddy. Attempted murder, kidnapping, resisting arrest, assaulting an officer…  Better just come with me, so we don’t have to add any more charges to your roster, eh? You have the right to remain silent…”

Officer Todd read Jake his rights, and Jake said nothing. He stood when Todd yanked him up, but didn’t move. Jake was watching as another man approached, he assumed it was Todd’s partner.

“Excuse me, is there a problem here?”

“Stand back sir, I’ve just made an arrest. I am taking this man into custody.”

“May I ask what for?”

“Why? It doesn’t concern you.”

Jake stumbled forward as Officer Todd pushed him, but he refused to walk.

“Step aside, sir!”

Then, looking at Jake, “Get moving!”

The stranger stood in front of Jake, so he couldn’t go anywhere easily, even if he wanted to.

“Sir, I am going to arrest you for obstruction, unless you move. I suggest you get out of our way, or you’ll be joining us.”

The stranger took two steps back, but maintained eye contact with Officer Todd.

“Officer, there must be a misunderstanding. This man works for me.”

Jake looked as surprised as Officer Todd.

“Well, you can meet us at the station then. Step aside!”

In the patrol car, Officer Todd told Jake that he’d received a report from someone claiming that a local magician had real magical electrical powers.

“She said you fixed her toaster and her coffee pot just by squeezing the cords.”

“Well, it wasn’t quite that simple, but –”

Jake stopped speaking. He knew he didn’t have to.

“I’ve been watching you all afternoon, buddy. I knew it was you, even with your blond hair dyed black.”

At the Station, Todd brought Jake right to a small room, and demanded he sit.

“He’ll be interrogation room B,” is all Todd said to the man that had spoken to them at the park.

“We have evidence that you broke into someone’s garage. We found blood. It better be yours. If you’ve hurt someone else, you’ll be going away for good.”

For a moment, Jake looked confused. But he had in fact cut his finger his first night on the run, when he had cut up all of his credit cards, and destroyed his cell phone. He had found some old clothes in an unlocked garage and had hid in there for a few hours. Officer Todd allowed the stranger to speak with Todd, though he refused to leave them alone.

“I’ll get in touch with Cynthia, and tell her you’re alright. I’ll hire you a good lawyer. When you get out of here, you work for me.”

“Doing what? How do you know Cynthia?”

Well, my friend, I too was struck by lightning a long time ago. And I do have one power as a result. I can read minds, and I can predict the future. And not in a crystal ball kinda way. In the way that certain actions lead to certain consequences, and you, my friend, can take action like no one else can. You can make things happen that most people would say is impossible. And, you can control electricity.”

“What? No, I can’t, it’s a trick, I –”

“I’ve been watching you. I have seen how high you jump. How you’ve made the street lights flicker in the evening, how you’ve made car alarms go off at will. It’s annoying, but fascinating. You will work for me, or you will stay here and rot. The choice is yours.”