Lightning Strikers: Part Two – Continued from Part One in the May Focus 50 + 2017 issue

Two police officers had walked in just as Jake realized that he had forgotten to take Ben’s cell phone before, hitting him in the head and pushing him down his basement stairs.

Entirely convinced that being struck by lightning had given him special super human powers, he obviously hadn’t really thought this through.  Too bad he didn’t have the power of foresight!

Jake was frozen in his chair.  He had to think fast, or he was going to be arrested.  Then he’d never convince the rest of the group to admit their powers!

“This is a misunderstanding, Officers, I assure you.”

Motionless, Jake sat on the stage, waiting, as one of the officers approached him.  The other stayed by the entrance.

“Are you Jake Masterson?” As if they had to ask.

Jake stood up slowly.

“Keep your hands where I can see them, buddy.”  The officer was as cool as a cucumber, but his voice was commanding.

“I’m officer Todd.”

“Officer, this is all just a big misunderstanding.”  Jake said again.

“Ben Summers asked me to facilitate this meeting today.  We are lightning strike survivors.”

Jake couldn’t see any way out of this.

“Sure, buddy.  You have the right to remain silent…”

Officer Todd proceeded to read Jake his rights, and took out handcuffs to put on him.  Jake was just as surprised as the officer when sparks started shooting out of them as Officer Todd brought them close to Jake’s hands.

“What the – how are you doing that?  Cut it out, buddy, or we’ll add assaulting an officer to kidnapping and attempted murder!”

Jake took a step back and pushed Officer Todd away from him.  Caught off guard, officer Todd stumbled backward.  And though he regained his footing quickly, he had been distracted long enough to let Jake escape through the back door.

“I told them I had powers!” Jake was almost jumping for joy as he jumped for the ladder of the fire escape on the adjacent building.

He was almost to the roof when he heard the door below bang open.

“Up there!” The officers yelled in unison, as he scaled the last step.


Both officers had their guns drawn, but Officer Todd quickly re-holstered his to jump for the ladder.

Officer Todd couldn’t make it, though.  It was just too high.  Jake snickered and quickly ran away on the roof above.

“I told them I had powers!” Jake exclaimed again, wondering where he should go, knowing he couldn’t go home; knowing he must get off the roof and hide as soon as possible.

Jake made it to the alley behind No Limits, the Art Supply Store in town where Cynthia worked.  He hid out until nightfall, when he emerged under the cover of darkness.

He waited until almost 9 pm, when the store was closing, before he walked around to the front, and went in to see Cynthia.

She gasped.

“Do you know the police are looking for you?  They’re saying you hurt Ben!  Please tell me it’s all a mistake!”

“Of course, it’s a mistake!”  Jake assured her, quickly.

“I didn’t mean to hurt him!”

“What?!”  Cynthia doesn’t know what to believe.

“They said you tried to kill him.  That you locked him in your basement!”

“Ok, look.  I did lock him in there, but of course I didn’t try to kill him.  What was I supposed to do, just ask him nicely to wait there?”

“Are you crazy, Jake?  He has a concussion!  And a dislocated his shoulder!  You are so lucky you didn’t hurt him more than that!  I think you better leave.”

Jake begged her not to call the police yet, to give him a head start, until he could figure things out.

“I just need someone to believe me.  Nobody believes me!”

Cynthia did feel badly for Jake.  He had been having a rough time lately, insisting that he had been turned into some sort of superhero.  She agreed that he was a gifted baseball player; but a superhero?

“Jake, I -”

“Look, I’m not saying don’t call.  I don’t want you to get into trouble.  I just need some time.  I’ll turn myself in.  Tomorrow.  I promise.”